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A natural body wash bursting with plant based ingredients, rich in Vitamins + Antioxidants to bathe, pamper and protect skin.

  • Enriched with botanicals Vitamins C, B12 + K & Avocado Oil + Lemongrass
  • Sulphate + Soap Free
  • Powered by plant–derived ingredients

It gently cleanses with a sulphate-free cleansing system to nourish and hydrate skin, without stripping it of its natural oils. The invigorating scent of Orange, Lemon + Spearmint help to revive and rejuvenate skin.

  • Rich in Vitamin E & K, Avocado oil helps to smooth and maintain a silky skin tone.
  • Lemongrass contains antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, which help to fight off free radicals, promoting even and glowing skin.
  • Aloe Vera contains Vitamin A, B12 + C to nourish, soothe, tighten & protect.

Natural Instinct - Uplift Body Wash (500ml)