MIE MIE & CO operates as a wholesaler and distributor of Australian made quality skincare products.

They are: 

  • free from nasty chemicals

  • cruelty free

  • made with love  


MIE MIE & CO was born out of a desire to combine my love skincare and engineering. 

I was born in Myanmar, grew up in South Africa and call Australia home.As a modern gypsy, I am very appreciative of everything I have. Now that I have two boys, I want them to be grateful for what we have here in Australia, and to feel involved with our projects for building a sustainable environment for future generations to enjoy. That is why we are only promoting Australian-made, natural products. 

Since working in the Electrical Engineering field for over 13 years and spending half my time out in the sun, I have followed a good skincare routine to protect my skin. I also know that all Australians are exposed to a harsh sun at times, so my interest in promoting good quality skincare products is therefore natural.


But my goal is not just to offer something to Australian producers and people looking for good quality, natural skincare products. 

I also want to do what I am best qualified to do to work towards a sustainable future in Myanmar. I am also married to an electrical engineer, my aim is to work towards providing solar energy as widely as possible.

A sustainable environment requires a renewable energy supply. In Myanmar this means that forest trees can be protected from being chopped down for firewood.

It also means giving people a sustainable livelihood, by giving them the skills needed to maintain themselves. In this case we therefore want to train women to become solar technicians. 

Some facts that you might want to know:

  • I am currently working in the Engineering Field while working to make small impact on the lives of others positively. 

  • I am not affiliated with any religious or political agenda. This online store is all about "pure giving".   

  • My family are fully committed to these goals. 

It is my hope that you know how much I appreciate your support in our work to make the world a better place to live in.

Big Change = Small Actions + Lots of People

Be Kind Always...